When I was 14 years old every bad thing that could happen to a young girl happened to me. After a serious failed suicide attempt I was confronted with two possibilities for my life. The first was to fall deeper into the abyss and the other was to fight the good fight and move forward.

I chose the latter and inside me emerged a teenage activist who saved my life.

I am one of the co-founders of Project Slut a dress code campaign which fought for the rights and dignity of young girls, racialized and gender nonconforming students. The impact of this campaign was significant and widely recognized across Canada and North America.

Project Slut was an award winning campaign and has been featured in Buzzfeed, The National Post, Toronto Star, and Chatelaine Magazine. Below you can watch our campaign video.

I am no longer a teenage activist and project slut no longer exists. However I still believe it to be a cause worth remembering and I am happy to share that part of my life with you.